Choosing Respectful Funeral and Sympathy Arrangements

Flowers always brighten a room and add a special touch to any occasion. Generally, picking out the perfect bouquet is simple and fun but it becomes a little more difficult when selecting a sympathy arrangement. Funeral flowers require additional thought because it is necessary to be mindful of the proper etiquette for this type of event. Here are some simple tips that will make choosing the perfect sympathy bouquet easier.

Consider the Size

Most funeral arrangements are made on a larger scale than traditional bouquets. This is done to provide a dramatic effect that is not lost when placed in a large church or a spacious room in a funeral home. Smaller sympathy arrangements are also appropriate if they are being sent to the family home. Some of the larger flowers to include in a funeral bouquet are lilies, snapdragons and chrysanthemums.

Choose the Colors

Many people think it is not acceptable to choose bright flowers or request a vibrant bouquet for this type of occasion. However, the beauty of artfully designed flowers helps to balance the somberness of the moment. This is especially true when the individual was someone that loved things bright and beautiful. Using colors the deceased was known to love is a wonderful way to personalize the display. Anyone uncomfortable with this idea still has plenty to choose from including soft pink, blue, lavender and white blossoms.

Choose the Design

There are several types of floral arrangements to choose from when a funeral bouquet is needed. They can be standing arrangements or wreaths, an arrangement in a basket or a vase or a casket spray. It is not typical for anyone other than family to choose flowers for the casket, so always ask the family prior to ordering or choose another option to avoid complications. Another choice is to purchase a potted plant rather than cut flowers. Plants are a symbol of life and many people appreciate the lasting memorial.

It is never easy to purchase something for such a serious and somber occasion. A skilled florist will be able to answer any questions about etiquette or help to choose an arrangement that has a particular meaning. Contact Flowers and Fancies for assistance with this, or any, floral purchase.